How would you celebrate Mother’s Day?


I grew up celebrating Mother’s Day at church. During Sunday School, our teacher will give us handmade cards about Mother’s Day. We colored and decorated it with stamps and stickers. Then, each of us wrote a love letter

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to our mom. Before the Pastor gives his sermon, all mothers were asked to stay in front and children presented their handmade cards and a single rose. We thanked our mom for all the things she’s done for us while we hugged and kissed them. The congregation then declared prayers and blessings for all the mothers.

Now that I become a mom, there’s something I wish that my spouse will teach our son to do something special on Mother’s Day, just like how I teach him during Father’s Day. I believe that teaching children from an early age about the importance of Mother’s Day, will not only make me feel appreciated but will also help me in raising caring children who learn to think about others, other than themselves. We instill in our children the future. Teach them by setting good examples, but most of all, enjoy the time together in making Mother’s Day special.

Here are some special things to do with your child for mom:

  1. Make a card. Get a sheet of paper or print ready-made Mother’s card found online. They are inexpensive . Have your child draw a picture of what they think mom likes, and write her a little love note. Embellish the card with some add-ons like stickers, decorative tape, etc. Be creative and have fun spending time together. The card is very meaningful because of the time and effort put into it. In addition, it came from the heart.
  2. Pick flowers or buy her a bunch of roses. Ask your child to pick flowers for moms from your own garden. If you don’t have, visit the nearest florist and buy 3 or dozens of roses. Do moms appreciate flowers. I do! I want the flowers, but I don’t want that my spouse overpaid for it. I especially love red roses because it’s the flower we chose for our wedding.
  3. Take a picture. Pictures last a lifetime. Have someone take a picture of you and the kids. Put it in a frame and give it to her on Mother’s Day. I would love to receive a present like this and place it on my working table. My boys inspire me a lot!
  4. Buy her a gift. You can take your kid to one of the many shopping malls in the city. Let him/her pick out something he/she thinks mom may like, of course with your approval like discount perfume, a piece of jewelry, stuff toy or a blouse.

Mother’s Day is on May 13. Probably by now, some thoughts have been put into making your mother and your spouse’s day special. Hopefully, you are not waiting until Saturday to start working on it.