A Personal Development Plan Leads To Prosperity

If you want a fulfilling life, you must take care of yourself. You must attend to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development. While this may seem challenging in today’s hectic world, it’s really not all that difficult. The keys are to identify your goals, believe in yourself, and set your own course.

Most people don’t really understand their full potential. Our society teaches us not to think “too much” of ourselves, and as a consequence, many of us are habitual underachievers. It’s very important to establish a strong sense of self-worth if you truly want to pursue your own goals and attain your maximum potential.

The difference in attaining real and meaningful personal growth and marking off measures of societal success is that personal growth takes significant time and dedication and consistent effort. Personal goals are self-determined. This process of determination is a time-consuming process.

Many societal measurements of success are easily attained by spending money or passing tests. Both the goal and the means of attainment are provided. The course is laid out, and success is fast, if not particularly fulfilling.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else!” ~ Yogi Berra

The first step to becoming your richest self is to determine exactly what you want out of life. You can’t plan the first step of your journey if you have no idea of where you plan to end up. Once you have a clear goal in mind follow these 4 empowering thoughts to help you create your own personal development plan:

  1. The mind is the limit! Don’t allow the thoughts of others to limit your success. Measure with your own yardstick.
  2. Accentuate the positive! When you have a negative thought, cancel it. Expect only the best!
  3. Follow your intuition! It’s there for a reason! Turn to your intuitive and creative self when the logical world cannot answer your questions.
  4. Feel empowered! Your actions make a difference! Choose them with care and believe in your ability to chart your own course in life.

Return to your true strength to become your richest self!

You may think that it’s impossible for you to think, believe and behave in these ways, but the fact is, you have already had experience with this. Healthy children usually possess these high levels of self-confidence, optimism, intuition, imagination and self-empowerment. It’s the experience of living and trying to whittle our round-peg selves down to fit in square holes that make us forget.


Exam Study and Preparation

Exam Study and Preparation

When studying for an exam, only study the parts you don´t know already. Start studying for your exam early, so that you can ask your teacher or TA if you have any problems. Take advantage of all the things your teacher might provide before the exam.

When preparing for a test, remember that not everything that has been covered in class will be tested. Ask your teacher questions that will help you figure out what will be covered on the exam. Don´t study anything that is unlikely to appear on the exam.

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When studying, it could be good to write down the questions you think might be relevant for exam. Put them all on separate index cards or papers. Then, as you read, make notes that answer each question.

Start by reading through the chapters in a fast pace, that way you will become familiar with all the material. If you come across an answer to one of your question, put a mark next to the text, or note the page number and the paragraph on a separate paper. That way you will easily find the important information later on.

After you´ve done that, read through the chapters again, and if the first paragraph doesn´t have anything to do with your exam, ignore it.

Highlight everything you don´t know while reading, and focus on studying these particular aspects.

Figure out which way to learn the material works best for you. You can use flashcards for definitions of important words, just make sure that you get the definition right. Maybe you learn better by writing everything down as a kind of essay, or by just scribbling down notes as you read.

When studying for a test, time management and your study environment are essential. You have to make sure that you have enough time to learn all the material before your exam. Be aware of your surroundings. Don´t study somewhere where you can be easily distracted.

Look through your material at an early stage before the exam. That way, should you have any questions, you can ask your professor or TA. They are there to help you. If you put off studying until the last few days, and you come across a problem, it will be too late. Take advantage of the study sessions on offer.

If your teacher hands out study sheets, you should of course look at it, but do not rely too much on it. The best way to use it is to study for your exam and then looking at it, that way you can make sure that you´ve studied everything that it´s on it. Sometimes you will also get exam questions. It´s important that you answer all the questions. If you get a copy of an old exam, have a look at it, and make sure that you know the correct answers to all the questions.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


These pages are dedicated to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791), whose music exhibits serenity, taste, and balance, while wewighing a wide range of feeling in several forms, among them vocal and  instrumental, sacred and secular.  Mozart’s fame is undoubtedly based on two deviant frames of reference.  First, Mozart, being the most famous child prodigy in music history, as both a performer and a composer. Secondly, his unquestioned brilliance as an adult composer of Classicla symphonies, opera, sonatas, church music, chamber music and concerti.




Born Johannes Chrysotomus Wolfgang Theophilus Mozart in Salzberg, Vienna on January 27th, 1756, Mozart was destined for greatness.Mozart’s father, Leopold Mozart, a musician himself, took Wolfgang completely under his wing, teaching him everything; Wolfgang did not go to school at all. Wolfgang was a child prodigy and his father sought to ripen that great musical talent.By the tender age of three, Mozart began to play the harpsichord and in 1761, at age five, he began to compose. Although it has long been questioned to the degree in which Wolfgang composed his pieces, some believing that Leopold, a noted composer himself, “helped” young Wolfgang with these early compositions.  In my opinion, any child who has the drive, patience, and discipline to sit down and make an effort to play an instrument or compose musical pieces, whether he had assistance or not, in my eyes deserves as much credit as he would get if he didn’t have any assistance.  At that age, many children think about toys, not perfecting a craft.
Beginning in 1762, Wolfgang accompanied Leopold on a series of trips to Paris and London, all over Europe. He was taken on concert tours that took him to the leading European concert halls and royal courts.  It’s as if Wolfgang painted every town red. Francis I of Vienna referred to him as “ein kleine hexenmeister,” or a “little master-wizard.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, greatest German writer of the 19th century and author of The Damnation of Faust, wrote a letter to a friend stating, “I was fourteen years old, but I see it, as if I were still, there, the little man with his child’s sword and his curly hair…A rare phenomenon like that of Mozart remains a truly inexplicable thin.”  And in Paris, young Mozart bedazzled royally.  He was as an unknown source put it, “so extraordinatory a phenomenon that one finds it difficult to believe unless one has seen him with one’s own eyes and heard him with one’s own ears.”

December 18, 1772     May 1, 1778      July 30, 1778      July 31, 1778     August 7, 1778
October 13, 1781   March 30, 1785     May 23, 1789  May 17, 1790

December 18, 1772

  I’ve just completed Lucio Silla.  Not at all a hard piece to perform but
  certainly a much enjoyable one.  Which reminds me that I should write to
  Nanneral.  I miss her much, my dear sister, I hope she is safe and sound.  Well
  a little bit of news on my part, tomorrow we dine at Herr Von Mayer’s. Yes! It
  is true; he has willingly invited us.  Tomorrow we shall rehearse at the theater
  but Signor Castiglioni, the impresario, has urged me not to say anything about
  it because otherwise everybody will come rushing along, and we surely don’t
  want that.      Listen Here! Today we left Count Firmian’s to go home and when we reached
  our street, we opened the front door and what do you suppose happened then?  We
  went in! I make my self-laugh…Anyhow I need to write to Nannerl and rest up
  for next day’s work.

                                 W.A. Mozart


May, 1 1778
  I have come to terms that I shall do my utmost to get along here by teaching,
  and to earn as much money as possible, which I am now doing in the fond hope
  that my circumstances may soon change; for I cannot deny, and must confess, that
  I should be delighted to be released from this place.  Giving lessons here is no
  joke!  Let me tell you, it is exhausting; unless you take a large number of
  pupils, you cannot make much money.  But wait!  You must not think that this is
  laziness on my part- not at all!  It just goes completely against my genius and
  the way I live.  It is known that I have my being, so to speak, entirely in
  music, I am immersed in it all day long and I am prevented from doing this by my
  way of life here.  True, I shall have a few hours left, but I shall need those
  few hours more for rest then forward.  I told you in my last entry about the Opera.  I cannot help it.  I must write a
  full scale Opera or none at all.  If I write a small one, I shall get very
  little for it (for everything is taxed here).  And should it have the misfortune
  not to please these stupid French, all would be over. – I would never get the
  chance to compose another-I would have gained nothing by it- and my reputation
  would have suffered.  If, on the other hand, I write a full length Opera, the
  remuneration will be better.  I shall be doing the work I like best and am best
  at- and I shall have better hopes, success, for with a large- scale work you
  have a better chance of making your name.  I assure you that if I am
  commissioned to write an Opera, I shall have no qualms at all.  True, this
  language is an invention of the devil- and I fully realize the difficulties,
  which all composers have encountered.  But in spite of this I feel I am just as
  capable of overcoming them as anyone else.  On the contrary, whenever I fancy,
  as I often do.  That I have got the commission, s to be on fir, and I tremble
  from head to foot with eagerness to teach the French more thoroughly to know,
  appreciate, and fear the Germans.  For why is a full length Opera never
  entrusted to a Frenchman?  Why must it always be a foreigner?  For me the most
  detestable aspect would be the singer.  Well, I am ready- I wish to avoid a
  duel, for I do not care to wrestle with dwarfs. Night!
                                      W.A. Mozart



July 30, 1778
  I have a letter in mind to write to Aloysia- my great love.  But I need
  assurance on it.  I don’t want to move in great haste but then again she needs
  to know that I am still interested.
      “Dearest friend!  I hope that you are in excellent health- I beg you to
  take great care of it-for good health is the best think in the World.  Thank
  God, I am very well, as far as my health is concerned because I watch it.  But
  my mind is not at rest- nor will it be until I have heard (and what a comfort
  that will be) that your merits have received their just reward.  Yet my
  condition and my situation will be the happiest on that day when I shall have
  the infinite pleasure of serving you again and embracing you with all my heart. 
  This too is all that I can long for and desire, and my only consolation and my
  sole comfort lie in this hope and desire…Addio, for the present, dearest
  friend!  I am very anxious to get a letter from you.  So please do not keep me
  waiting and do not make me suffer too long.  In the hope of having news from you
  very soon, I kiss your hands, I embrace you with all my heart, and am, and ever
  shall be, your true and sincere friend.”
      I’m going to read it over once more and then send it off.  It sounds well
  enough for me.  I really hope that she do write me back if anything else.                                       W.A. Mozart


July 31, 1778 
  M. Grimm said to me the other day: “ What am I to tell your father?  What
  course do you intend to pursue?  Are you staying here or going to Mannheim?” 
  It was so hilarious; I really could not help laughing.  I told him, “What am I
  suppose to do in Mannheim now?”  “I wish I had never come to Paris- but so
  it is.  I am here and I must use every effort to make a success of it.”  He
  then wanton to tell me that he hardly thinks that I will achieve much in Paris. 
  I had to ask him why not.  I mean I see a crowd of second-rate bunglers getting
  on fine; why shouldn’t I, with my talents?  He told me that he’s afraid that
  I am not being sufficiently active here- and I do not get about enough.  That
  was the basis of that brief conversation.  But you know what really annoys me? 
  These stupid French people!  They seem to think that I am still seven years old. 
  Why?  Because that was my age when they first saw me.  They treat me as if I’m
  a beginner except of course the real musicians, who think very differently.  But
  everyone knows that it’s the majority that counts.  Well I have to go now. 
  I’ll write my final thoughts next time.  Adieu!                                  W.A. Mozart

August 7, 1778
      You, most beloved friend, Confident, are well aware how I detest Salzburg-
  and not only on account of the injustices which my dear father and I have
  endured there, which would be enough to make us wish to forget such a place and blot it out of our memory for ever!  But let us set that aside, if only we can
  arrange things so as to be able to live there respectably… Perhaps I would be
  misunderstood and give the impression that Salzburg is too small for me?  If so,
  then that assumption is greatly mistake.  I have already given some of my
  reasons to my father.  In the meantime, content yourself with this one, that
  Salzburg is not a place for my talent.  In the first place, professional
  musicians there are not held in much consideration; and secondly, one hears
  nothing, there is not theatre, no Opera; and even if they really wanted one, who
  is there to sing?  For the last five or six years the Salzburg Orchestra has
  always been rich in what is useless and superfluous, but very poor in what is
  necessary.  I don’t even want to think about this hellhole anymore.  I shall
  write soon. ‘Til then.                                      W.A. Mozart

October 13, 1781
Not much news today, just ponderance.  It is my view that in an Opera, the
poetry must be without question, the obedient daughter of the music.  Why are
Italian Comic Operas so popular everywhere- in spite of their miserable
libretti- even in Paris, where I myself witnessed their success?  Because the
music is all-important, and when one listens to it, one forgets everything else. 
An Opera is all the more sure of success when the plot is well worked out and
the words are written solely for the music and not added here and there for the
sake of some silly rhyme, which, God knows, contributes nothing to the value of
any theatrical performance, whatever it is, but rather detracts from it.  I
mean, words or even entire verses that ruin the composerâ€â„¢s whole concept. 
Verse is indeed the most indispensable element for music-but rhymes further own
sake all the most detrimental.  Those pretentious people who set to work in this
pedantic fashion will always come to quiet, and so will their music.  The best
thing of all is when a good composer, who understands the stage and is talented
enough to have ideas of his own, comes across a skillful poet, that true
phoenix; then one need have no worries even concerning the applause of the
ignorant.  Librettists seem to me almost like trumpeters with their tricks of
the trade!  If we composers were always to stick just as faithfully to our rules
(which were good enough at a time when no one knew better), we would be
producing music just as mediocre as their mediocre libretti.    Well, I think I have attached enough nonsense to you. ‘Til next time!
                                      W.A. Mozart

March 30, 1785
Oh what a wonderful day!  Today I met with my dear friend Joseph Hayden.  I was
so surprised to have him give me praise by saying: “I must tell you before God,
and as an honest man, that your son is the greatest composer known to me, either
in person or by name.”
Oh what s privilege- what an honor!  He is the first truly great composer of
symphonies in my most humble opinion.  With dozens of symphonies under his belt,
the symphony became a powerful new vehicle of human expression.  His string
quartets, piano sonatas, the works have just been so inspiring to me.    I hope that people don’t get the impression that I don’t shed blood,
sweat.  People make a mistake who think that my art has come easily to me. 
Nobody has devoted so much time and thought to composition as I.  There is not a
famous master whose music I haven’t studied over and over.
    That compliment means much to me, I have to say.  Because I do work very
hard- my music is my life.  My music is something that I can never lose touch
with.  I do it because I love it.  It’s a pleasure playing for people, it
takes me to new heights and I try to take my listeners with me as well.  I say-
Understand me- Love me?  Give me the best instrument in Europe, but
listeners who understand nothing or do not wish to understand and who do not
feel with me in what I am playing, and all my pleasure is spoilt.
Anyway- I’ll write soon.
                                    W.A. Mozart


May 23, 1789
    My Journal, my confident, my close friend.  I am still in Berlin and I could
think of nothing but Constanze.  I have to write her, for longing further to
myself can only dos o much, but I need to tell her.  I am unshakably faithful to
her even in though, She holds her own beauty and I spend half an hour every
single evening looking at my portrait of her.  I hope she knows for I write her
long loving letters- she should know that I am concerned; concerned, as a good
husband should be.  I should check to see if she keeps every single one of my
letters.    It shouldn’t be long until I am with her.  On Thursday the 28th, I travel
to Dresden, where I shall spend the night.  On June 1, I shall sleep in Prague
and on the 4th- the 4th? – With my dearest little wife; oh she shall prepare â€â€œ
my dear.  She shall arrange her dear sweet nest very dainty, for my little
fellow deserves it indeed, he has really behaved himself very well and is only
longing to possess her sweetest – oh so unexplainable!  Just picture, that
rascal; as I write he crawls on to the table and looks at me questioningly.  I,
however, box his ears- but the rogue is simply unquestionable and now he knave
bums only more fierce and can hardly be restrained. 
    Well I must go, I must give my dear darling Constanze something to read and
love.  ‘Til then!
                                    W.A. Mozart


May 17, 1790
    I am in dire need to write to my dearest friend and brother, Mason Johann
Michael Puchberg.  I am at the moment so devoid of funds that I must lower my
standards and beg him, my dearest most humble friend, in God’s name, to
support me with however much he can spare.  If, as I hope, I get the other money
in a week or two, I will immediately repay what he is going to lend me now- As
to what I have owed him for so long already.  It’s important that I ask him to
be patient.  Ahhh me!. If only you knew what grief and worry all this causes
me!    Any how- next Saturday I intend to perform my quartets at my home, and I
intend to invite Mason and his wife, cordially.  I hope with all my wits that my
dearest, best friend and brother don’t withdraw his friendship on account of
my importunity, but I pray he stands by me.  I rely wholly on him and remain
ever in his deepest gratitude.  I shall also, when I write to him, to include,
that I have two pupils at present and should like to increase the number to
eight- please, if he would spread the word that I am willing to give lessons. 
Well, I’m off. 
                                    W.A. Mozart

Teaching Moments Part2

If you got a musician in your life, what gift will you give to him this Christmas season? Before you consider buying the kind of instrument he’s been playing or that best tech 21 you knew he would surely appreciate, ask first yourself if you could afford it without suffering your budget. It can’t be denied that we love giving presents to our loved ones, yet we want to spend the money wisely. So, ask yourself first “What is something I can bless a person with that they will really like, will be beneficial to them, and yet at the same time be a good steward of the resources God has blessed me with?”

Remember, musicians are unique people who like unique things! What gifts encourage their uniqueness? What gifts could tell the world they are a musician? Could you help me find fantastic musician presents that are artistic, practical, or both?

Teaching Moments

Storybook Day is always a fun day at school because kids come to school as their favorite story book characters. Fairies and princesses as well as princes and pirates are some of the popular get-ups for such a day. 

Some schools even organize parades and programs for their students during this occasion. A friend of mine shared her experience on her daughter’s first Storybook Day in school where her daughter came as Princess Fiona and they played some funky modern music recorded from a zvex fuzz factory from guitar center to hype her character. The music was unconventional, but it was certainly an interesting take on movie sound tracks of storybook tales. These kinds of experiences make up some of the best childhood memories.

How would you celebrate Mother’s Day?


I grew up celebrating Mother’s Day at church. During Sunday School, our teacher will give us handmade cards about Mother’s Day. We colored and decorated it with stamps and stickers. Then, each of us wrote a love letter

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to our mom. Before the Pastor gives his sermon, all mothers were asked to stay in front and children presented their handmade cards and a single rose. We thanked our mom for all the things she’s done for us while we hugged and kissed them. The congregation then declared prayers and blessings for all the mothers.

Now that I become a mom, there’s something I wish that my spouse will teach our son to do something special on Mother’s Day, just like how I teach him during Father’s Day. I believe that teaching children from an early age about the importance of Mother’s Day, will not only make me feel appreciated but will also help me in raising caring children who learn to think about others, other than themselves. We instill in our children the future. Teach them by setting good examples, but most of all, enjoy the time together in making Mother’s Day special.

Here are some special things to do with your child for mom:

  1. Make a card. Get a sheet of paper or print ready-made Mother’s card found online. They are inexpensive . Have your child draw a picture of what they think mom likes, and write her a little love note. Embellish the card with some add-ons like stickers, decorative tape, etc. Be creative and have fun spending time together. The card is very meaningful because of the time and effort put into it. In addition, it came from the heart.
  2. Pick flowers or buy her a bunch of roses. Ask your child to pick flowers for moms from your own garden. If you don’t have, visit the nearest florist and buy 3 or dozens of roses. Do moms appreciate flowers. I do! I want the flowers, but I don’t want that my spouse overpaid for it. I especially love red roses because it’s the flower we chose for our wedding.
  3. Take a picture. Pictures last a lifetime. Have someone take a picture of you and the kids. Put it in a frame and give it to her on Mother’s Day. I would love to receive a present like this and place it on my working table. My boys inspire me a lot!
  4. Buy her a gift. You can take your kid to one of the many shopping malls in the city. Let him/her pick out something he/she thinks mom may like, of course with your approval like discount perfume, a piece of jewelry, stuff toy or a blouse.

Mother’s Day is on May 13. Probably by now, some thoughts have been put into making your mother and your spouse’s day special. Hopefully, you are not waiting until Saturday to start working on it.


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Vegetarian Diet Benefits

Being a veggie is a decision by people who intend to make a healthy improvement in their way of living. Yet, just like every other things, this type of diet program have got its gain and drawbacks. That’s exactly what we are going to speak about. If mastering considerably more is one thing your excited about, Check Out vegan meals delivered.

Looking to vegetarian diet benefits contributes to overcome several illnesses such as diabetes. This is according to a researched that is base on the US. The lessened intake of meat and dairy products tends to become weak. As a result, sugar level will certainly decrease. The following are also vegetarian diet benefits: dynamic body, comfortable sleep and sustained effort.

It also helps eliminate cholesterol. This would lower the risk of having cardiovascular illnesses and may also lower blood pressure too. You’re more probably to eat foods that are abundant in grains, fruit and veggies since you’re on a vegetarian diet plan. This way, you can fight cancer diseases including prostate, colon and even breast cancer.

But could you believe, even though being a vegetarian provides a number of benefits, it still delivers some disadvantage if abuse. Being devoted to a vegetarian diet program too much lead to vegetarianism. Later on, it will cause someone to have rickets. Essentially, this is an illness. It usually leads to bone cracks and also spinal curvature. This happens because of the insufficient vitamin D. It doesn’t suggest that you are on a vegetarian diet plan; you are already on a healthy diet. The most important of all would be to balance your diet.

Choosing The Right Facility For An Mot Test Is Simple

The UK has a lot of regulations that you’ll need to know about if you are planning to be a motorist to the national highways. Even if you didn’t know, you’ll have to make sure that when your automobile is 3 years old or perhaps older, you have gotten a National Service Network completed in it so that you can drive on UK streets. A test like this can irritate some people, however it really is essential to ensure that the highways are secure for everyone. The good thing is that you get to choose where you have this kind of test performed and many local car garages will be able to do it for you which means you don’t need to go far. This test will really reveal a good bit regarding your vehicle and within that sense it ends up being a really good thing to get done. Since this is a very thorough inspection it’s smart to have it done before you decide to buy a vehicle pre-owned.


Making sure your automobile is up to requirements each year will be the smart way to avoid penalties. Take care of your car service costs when you can and you will be able to get right back to driving like normal. Within the united kingdom, secure motorists who follow the rules really rarely need to worry about issues.